It is very important in the process of managing documents is how we can set the text, is intended to document that we manage to be very attractive, neat, and nice views. The text that we enter into a worksheet microsoft word can set the type and format appropriate to the needs, both related to the type, size, color, effects, and so forth.
In this post I will give some description of the arrangement of text, including how to step-dally settings.
Set / change the text type.
There are many types of text that is provided in the Microsoft Word program-even we can add own-so that we can freely choose the type of text / font we need.
Here are ways to change the type of text.
a. using icons
This method is very easy, first, the selection / first block will be replaced text documents, second, click Sub Menu Home, Third, In the Font group click and select the type of font / text as desired. In the text that you want then click on the text, the document that you block automatically change according to the type of text that you select.
The following types of fonts in the iconic images
 b. Using the Font Dialog
By using dialogue, of course, we have to open the dialogue, the steps are as follows:
v  Selection / Block document to be replaced types of letters
v  Click on the sub menu Home, then click the small arrow on the right corner of the Font group, then the font dialog appear as follows:
v  In sub tab select the font and click type text / font you want.
v  Once selected then click OK or press Enter on the keyboard.

c. Using a combination of buttons
How this is done by pressing two or more keys in the keyboard simultaneously. To change the font after the block press Shift + Ctrl + F, then the Font dialog will appear, then do the selection of the desired letter and end by pressing the OK button or the Enter key.
Thus several ways Set Text Format (Font) In Microsoft Word
Aside from a few facilities that are already displayed in the Font group, there are other facilities that you can access through the font dialog example, Underline underline style and color, there is also a font effects with a variety of effects are provided. Please do experiments and practices, see the results and note that not forget ...... good luck ...... thanks all n ask her advice.

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